Martin Dørum


LaFuN (2021)

LaFuN is a programming language I made with a friend from IRC for a competition called Langjam, where you get 48 hours to build a programming language from scratch based on a theme.

Swaylock-effects (2020)

Swaylock-effects is a screen locker for Linux.

Gilia (2020)

Gilia is a programming language I'm working on. It's written in C, and has a hand-written parser, bytecode compiler and bytecode interpreter. I think its syntax is cute.

Coffeepaste (2020)

Coffeepaste is a pastebin-like service I wrote in Rust, because I was unhappy with all other pastebins I tried. My instance is hosted here:

Boxberry (2020)

Boxberry is a build system for C and C++.

Project: SWAN (2019)

Project: SWAN is a game I'm working on. It's a 2D tile-based game written in C++, using OpenGL to render.

Snow (2018)

Snow is a testing library for C. It uses a whole bunch of macro magic to implement a pretty interesting DSL-like syntax.

Greylang (2016)

Greylang was my first serious attempt at writing a programming language from scratch. Many of the ideas in Gilia come from Greylang.

Housecat (2015)

Housecat is a static site generator. It was my first proper project in C. It's what runs my blog to this day.

Web Games

E Pluribus (2018)

E Pluribus is a game made for the game development competition at The Gathering 2018. You control the player character, and when the player character dies, you respawn on top of the previous incarnation of the player. Your job is to build up generations of players so that the last generation can get to its goal. GitHub

Time Ball (2013)

Time Ball is an endless runner type game where you have to jump across lava pits. The gimmick is that you can rewind time with the space bar. Controls: A and D to move, W to jump, hold Space to rewind time. GitHub

TequilaJumper (2013)

TequilaJumper is a simple platformer made for the Ludum Dare game competition. Controls: A and D to move, W or Space to jump, S to accelerate faster downwards. GitHub


Sea Major

This is by far the favorite song I've made.


This is a loop made for the game soundtrack competition at The Gathering 2018, where it won 1st place. It's also the soundtrack for E Pluribus.

330 Blast

This one is a bit repetitive and I don't love how the instruments sound, but I think it's kind of fun.

Bippety Boppety

This one doesn't quite feel like it knows where it's going, and the drums need some work, but parts of it are interesting at least.

Party People

This one was mainly made as a joke, but it's kind of cool, despite the very repetitive "vocals" (if you can call them that).

Cyanide drum cover

This is a drum cover of Metallica's Cyanide. It's not perfect, but it's not too bad.

Work Experience

No Isolation (2017 - Current)

I've worked as a programmer for No Isolation since 2017. I mainly do low-level programming for embedded Linux systems. I've worked part time or hourly while doing courses at the university.

Heimdall Power (2019)

I did some microcontroller programming for Heimdall Power for a couple of months in 2019, next to studies and the No Isolation job.

Summer Jobs

I've had two summer jobs: one at Bouvet in 2014, and one at Agens in 2013.